Full name

Coen Hamelink




Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Colorful and theatrical illustrations and digital paintings for mostly children.


Hi, my name is Coen Hamelink, Dutch illustrator living near Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


  • Three of my works are selected for ‘200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 09/10′ by an international jury and Luerzer’s Archive, that is published in 35 countries worldwide, July 2009.
    – London Showcase 100 illustration exhibition 2014/2015
    – New York 3×3 Magazine International picture book show – published worldwide late 2014/2015

I grew up close to the quiet beaches in Zeeland, the south of Holland. Since I was a little boy I have drawn, acted all kinds of different characters and stories and played music. And up until this day I have never stopped doing this. I guess it’s something I just have to do to be happy.

I’m always creating new ideas, associating and connecting thoughts, playing around and trying new things. Regularly, I’m throwing myself into the deep to find fresh inspiration and to face a new challenge I can learn from.

Whatever I create, I want to put in all my heart. To me, art needs to have a living soul that inspires people, touches their hearts and maybe even gets them closer to who they really are.



Willem de Kooning Academy

Rotterdam, The Netherlands · 09-09-1999 – 01-05-2004

illustration and graphic design

2014 - 2015 London Showcase 100 illustration exhibition , A Little Chimp Society
2014 No.11 Picture Book Show , 3x3 the magazine of contemporary illustration
2009 Artworks selected for '200 best illustrators worldwide 09/10' , Luerzer's Archive

Compass Media CJ Educations Top That Publishing MacMillan Publishing Benchmark Publishing Aardman Studios ProRail Ka Ching Cartoons Efteling Malmberg Van In publishing Studio Zoetekauw


Digital painting, children's illustration


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign